Providing Accredited Auslan Sign Language Interpreters Australia Wide


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information

NICSS provides interpreters for a range of professional and government services. 

Some examples of the services where you can book a NICSS interpreter are:

  • Public Hospitals*
    • Doctor appointment
    • Outpatient Clinics
    • On the Ward
    • Overnight Stays
    • Emergency Department
  • Private Hospitals*
    • On the Ward
    • Overnight Stays
  • Accountants
  • Conferences, Meetings and Events
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial Advice
  • Legal / Mediation
  • Police Matters
  • Translation Services
    (English to Auslan)

*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sign Language users. All interpreting services for public and private health care appointments are FREE.

Other appointments are not free.  A fee is charged.

Your professional or government service provider can book an interpreter for appointments that are not free.

NICSS service is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and information discussed at the appointment remains between the Professional and their Client.

It is in the best interest of both the Professional Service Provider and the Deaf Consumer to have a Qualified Interpreter present at an appointment for legal and other reasons, including informed consent.

Deaf Interpreting (DI) also known as Deaf Relay Interpreting

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are multilingual and multicultural.

Deaf Interpreters work with Deaf consumers who have additional or unique communication needs, who are Deafblind or are Indigenous Deaf people.

Deaf Interpreters work with hearing Interpreters to enable communication. For many social, cultural or medical reasons some Deaf consumers have extra communication needs. Some examples are developmental delays; serious illness that may affect clear signing; limited exposure to English and/or Auslan; Deaf Indigenous Sign dialects and the needs of the Deaf/Blind.

Visit the ASLIA website for more information on Deaf Interpreting

Community Contact Person

What is a Community Contact Person?

A Community Contact Person is generally a respected member of your community who is willing to help NICSS know about your unique cultural and language needs.

Can you Help?

Do you know a member of your family or community who would like to help NICSS know about your community's unique cultural and language needs when we visit? If you know someone who would be a good contact person please email NICSS and we will contact you or the interested person to find out more.


Below are links to some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and related information that you may want to know.

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